Götz Winery

The traditional family winery of Götz Winery aims to create high-quality wines, the process of which is characterized by special care, from viticulture to wine maturation to bottling.
The Götz family's 17-hectare, well-located, first-class vineyards are located in a total of six vineyards: in Tolcsva, Sárazsadány and on the border of Sárospatak. The grapes and aszú grains produced are processed by the family farm, combining tradition and modern technology. Our wine specialties are matured in our cellars in Hercegkút, a four-storey row of cellars on Gombos Hill, which is part of the world heritage, while crisp dry and softer semi-sweet wines are made by a reductive process. Expertise, diligence and sincere hospitality can be the key to ensuring that the guest who comes here can truly meet the highest quality!
In our underground heaven we are waiting for our dear guests with excellent nectar in our guest cellar for 200 people!
Taste the excellent wines of our family winery, toast at Hercegkút!

Our winery welcomes visits from small and large wine-loving companies, families, friends and professional groups.

During the visit to the cellar, we will go to the Gombos Hill cellar, which is part of the world heritage, where we will guide visitors to our maturing cellar, which is carved into rhyolite tuff about 100 meters long. After that we arrive at the tasting cellar, where we can accommodate up to 200 people. Cellar visits and wine tasting take approx. 1-1.5 hour program. We will tell the guests the short history of Hercegkút, introduce Tokaj-Hegyalja, our family business and, of course, the wines we have tasted. Our tasting room is also suitable for various events. A gypsy band can also be ordered for special occasions.

Place of wine tasting: 3958 Hercegkút, Gombos-hegy cellar row 4th level Götz Winery


Cultural Center, Ferenc Németi City Library
3910 Tokaj, Serház út 55.

Head of institution:
Dr. Fintor Gábor PhD

Program coordinator:
Fincziczki Krisztina
wineries, crafts, catering
+ 36 70 330 8734

Event organizer:
Tóvizi Marcell

Technical manager:
Bejó Gábor